Remove the hood and upper dash assembly. Designed for the Polaris RZR Turbo S, the PCS-64-TSX switch harness has 4 rocker switches that mount in the center dash, along with two more that mount left of the steering wheel. One is for the side subframe and the other is for the wiring harness. These all weather custom fit speaker pods mount to the vehicle's roll cage and are contoured to fit perfectly in the OEM dash. The small one is for 2019 and newer RZRs. Use a 10-millimeter nut driver to connect the red wire to the accessory terminal and the black wire to the ground terminal. Built-in 12 db/octave high-pass crossover at 60 Hz for great sound. Now be sure to avoid the driveline or any radiator tubing. Find the perfect device mount for your car, motorcycle, plane, & more. The first thing to do when you’re up under the dash is grab the radio output harness and amplifier output harness. Take the end of the harness with the ring terminals and, from the inside, route them up through the factory gromit to the accessory wiring panel. Then use the threaded screw to secure the enclosure to the side of the RZR. Integrated wiring connects directly to busbar and waterproof JST signal input connects to other Polaris Engineered™ audio products. There's no wiring behind it. Polaris RZR 2019+ Triple Amp Mount $70.00 $80.00. Polaris® RZR® single amplifier mount for all RZR® model years, designed to work on NA2 amplifiers. Performance engineered to devour the most challenging mud holes. 60” design takes trail ride and handling to the next level. The company claims it … ⇒ Details & Images. Power meets precision with the industry’s only single-seater. Use the jumper wire to connect both voice coils together to get it properly configured. The "everything" bagel of UTV audio. Once everything looks good, go ahead and finish reassembling and get the RZR back out on the trails. When done with that, remove the lower dash so it's easier to see the radio installation process. The new subwoofer enclosure is a cool all-new design that's ported for higher bass output. Polaris RZR XP Turbo S and XP Turbo Dynamix 2019+ 2/4 Seater 2 speaker system. Use the two supplied screws to secure the enclosure to the floorboard. He installed a Stage 3 kit on Polaris 1000 XP High Lifter Edition. Reattach all of the harnesses, reconnect the battery, and test the system. • This amplifier is a TDA-based full range class D amplifier with fixed connections for power, ground and turn-on and Delphi connectors for speaker. No soldering, no cutting, no crimping! Now when that is done get ready to reinstall the lower dash. Adding a set of 6-1/2" rear speakers makes this system awesome. Then all you'll need to do is connect the blue wire to turn the amplifier on and off. Get it before it's gone! The dash assembly is held in place with two t40 screws. Do it like the pros. Bracket fits underneath dash and attaches to factory mounting points. This will keep them away from the subwoofer and prevent them from rattling. Key & Lock Mini Warehouse. The enclosure replaces your glove box, so you can reuse two main bolts that attach it. Once done, route the speaker harnesses to the lower pocket and zip tie them in place. Now get ready to install the amplifier kit. Polaris RZR Ride Command Harness with REGULATED! description reviews (0) description. Secure it in place using the supplied hardware and allen bit. Now reinstall the upper dash. $55.49. Eric Russell from Rockford Fosgate showed how to install the purpose built Rockford Fosgate RZR Stage 3 audio system. Dominate any terrain with the industry’s best selling performance SxS. Customize your own RZR® with accessories & packages, Heavy duty upgrade options for your replacement parts. The big one is for 2014 - 2018 RZRS. They come with swivel mounts that allow you to mount that at any angle. Copyright © 2018-2021 UTV Source. Once all those are removed, go ahead and pull the dash off. Everything in one box. All of the speaker connections are going to happen at the amp output directly. First connect the positive and negative wires to the speaker terminals. Home > Shop > RZR TURBO S Sort By: Price: Low to High Price: High to Low Most Popular Title Manufacturer Newest Oldest Availability 30 per page 60 per … Using the supplied hardware use Rockfrod’s two and a half millimeter allen wrench to secure the amp to the amp plate. RAM Mounts is the industry leader in mobile mounting solutions. Ease Of Installation. 300 Watt two channel full range class D amplifier & mount brings 2 x 125 watts at 4 Ohm and 2 x 150 watts at 2 Ohm. (Figure D) 2. When pulling the harness through, leave enough slack for any connections that need to be made. In two seats RZRs loop the excess cable in the battery storage compartment. Turbocharge your 4-seat riding experience with 168 HP. You'll notice that the model supplied in this kit has two sets of terminals. RZR14-K8 The new 3rd generation single amplifier installation kit features a Color Optix™ Ready wiring harness with 8 gauge power and ground cables with an M5-800X4 compatible amplifier bracket for select RZR® models. Remote Output $70.00 $75.00. This Audio Amplifier is required with Front (2881989) and Rear (2883116) Door Speakers (sold separately). Then using a 15 millimeter socket and wrench loosen the two steering column bolts that will be used to sandwich the plate into place. Built-in 12 db/octave high-pass crossover at 60 Hz for great sound. Stage 4. RZR 7075 Capped Billet Rear Knuckle Set (Bearing Carrier) from 1,250.00. sale. $45.07. Only one amplifier is required for both door speaker kits. Red goes to the positive and black goes to negative. Shop final clearance. Introducing a new class of 4-seat performance and capability (64”). Now get ready to route the Rockford Fosgate power and speaker connectors back through the factory gromit. Start by removing the seats and disconnecting the battery. Disconnect the footboard led that will zip tie to an existing harness when removing the lower pocket. They have the free amp tuning guide that's downloadable here: Follow the factory wiring down to the center tunnel. USB & Auxiliary Flush Mount Adapter for Source Units $30.00 $35.00. Turbocharge your riding experience with 168 HP and a 64” stance.