It looks unique for the sheer fact it’s wider than most base game fridges, featuring a greyish-blue border around it’s sparkling white finish. Thanks I'm a week into Living Skyrim and feel like this will be my base build for a good while. JH skyrim people 10 in one - fixes: Jinoknias Racemenu Preset: JK's Skyrim - All in One - High Poly Heads and KS Hair. I played a little bit of living Skyrim, though I didn't enjoy the small bit I played. Of course I'm thinking of mod list with maximum immersion and some graphical enchantments. Difficulty wise I find it very enjoyable, its not too difficult like requiem based lists but its also not as easy as the other non-requiem based lists. Because it's Skyrim modlist for VR. If you haven't already found a Modlist you want to install, you can head over to our Gallery to find a selection of curated Modlists.. Every Modlist comes with its own README containing information and instructions on how to install it correctly. Ive always had problems with star/galaxy mods looking either the wrong color or way to bright and oversaturated when using ENB. You can find most of the stuff in TESAlliance or Nexus, and you can download them in their original locations. Required for the Hair textures. How does Lexys compare to TSO those 2 seem to be the most popular. Absolutely loving the list. Currently I'm using a self modified version of Serenity ENB, which is more demanding, and I get 45-50 fps outdoors, 60fps indoors. Serenity can travel there, and the village has a player home as well as shops, a tavern and stables. Is there a popular mod that disables this? By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Your favorite Skyrim modpack? Primarily due to unstable FPS, but I also didn't like some of the changes made (especially musically.) Serenity - A Silent Moons Camp Overhaul Serio's Cycle Hotkeys Silent Horizons ENB Simply Knock SE Simply Knock SKSE64 DLL Skyland - Solitude Skyland - Winterhold Skyrim 3D High Hrothgar Steps Skyrim Coin Replacer Redux Skyrim Immersive Creatures - Official Patch Skyrim Realistic Overhaul SkyUI SE - Flashing Savegames Fix Log in to view your list of favourite games. Main Files — Skyland - Solitude Gothic 1+ Gothic 2. I did quite a lot of file deleting and adding stability settings and mods to the game to make it better. Do not use my bsa as an assets warehouse. Its a perfect balance of *fantastic* graphics, a ton of new quests, stability, and insane amounts of new npcs to breathe life into the once empty places of skyrim. Cooling right around the middle of our list is this Serenity Fridge CC by ArwenKaboom. Realistic Clouds I installed them and am now using them instead of Dramatic Clouds. Small player house built inside a ship. Ultimate VR Essentials. I tried it out and found that it worked VERY WELL with ENB. The powerful open-source mod manager from Nexus Mods. It requires a pretty high end PC but if you got one, this is the list you’d want. They are hard/fair and offer a deleveld world. Browse and download Minecraft Realistic Mods by the Planet Minecraft community. Skyland Solitude offers a truly realistic texture overhaul to the city of Solitude and the Blue Palace along with surrounding areas such as the docks bridge and stone structures and gates along with the Dominion consulate. This is a list of similar games/mods and total conversions that are similar to Skyrim Requiem. Lexy's LOTD is an amazing list based on Enai's gameplay overhauls, Omega's difficulty upgrades, and a huge pile of content and graphics mods, all carefully tuned and curated for compatibility.